Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Radio Lincolnshire interview 15/01/12 interview starts at 1h 39m (available till 21/01/13)

 You'll hear Cllr Hill say

  • We're not totally against wind farms
  • We've a duty of well being for all the residents in Lincolnshire
  • Someone had to take a stand and say "enough is enough"
  • Lots of money in wind farms and vested interests asked us to consult the public.
  • Science is showing wind technology is not reliable,not going to be sustainable, does not deliver and isn't worth a "pen".
  • I believe in democracy.
  • I object to being misrepresented, we are not issuing a biased survey.
  • The survey has had 2500 replies and so far 75-80% of people agree with us.
The survey is due to conclude on 21/01/13

If you want to see how big a contribution Lincolnshire is making to the national drive for wind power
check page 21 of " the case for and against onshore wind" listed in the useful links

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