Public opinion

The Dept of Energy and Climate Change have commissioned a series of public
attitude tracking surveys to gain an understanding of public perceptions
on all areas of climate change and energy policy.
Wave 1 & 2 were conducted earlier this year, Wave 3 has just been released
and here is an extract on the question of renewable energy developments
concerning on shore wind. It shows a steady trend of two thirds support
for on shore wind development.

If you'd like to know more go to DECC public attitudes survey 031212

Q13) Generally speaking, do you support or oppose the use of the following
renewable energy developments:
Base: Wave 1/2/3 - All respondents (2,121/ 2,100/ 2,118)

On-shore wind
Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Strongly support 26 19 20
Support 41 47 46
Neither support nor oppose  20 21 21
Oppose  7 8 8
Strongly oppose 5 4 3
Don't know 1 1 1

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