Sunday, 10 November 2013

So where are the silent majority?

When you've been supporting wind farms for a year or more, you begin to realise that few people locally, although sympathetic and open minded, are prepared to speak up in the defence of them. Let's face it it is
a lot easier to say no than yes, particularly when some of your neighbours are screaming NO! and I guess a good many people just don't want to get involved because the debate has become so acrimonious.
So I've often wondered what would happen if you commissioned a credible poll of Lincolnshire
residents and asked them "Would you be happy to live near a wind farm?"
Because of the recent irresponsibly negative publicity churned out by our local authorities I'd have guessed that probably less than 50% would answer yes, so I'm assuming that the Mail on Sunday had the same view when they put that very question to 1000 randomly selected GB citizens.
The unpalatable result (it must have been unpalatable because they don't appear to have published it!)
is that 70% of the 1000 people answered YES!

Mail on Sunday Energy Poll October 2013

So if you are one of the silent majority that supports wind farms, but have no wish to become embroiled in the debate, do the next best thing and write to your local authority with the simple message.

"I'd be happy to live near a wind farm"

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