Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Metheringham Wind Debate

I took part in a community debate about wind farms last Tuesday.
I was invited by Metheringham Parish Council who were responding to residents concerns about an initial consultation for plans to build a large (+50MW) wind farm at Nocton Fen.
I was grateful for the opportunity to speak in support of wind and thought it would be useful to have a record of the event and so I made an audio recording.
I've added some slides to back up the points I was hoping to make, and the full presentation including a part of Councillor Colin Davie's speech plus the lively "Question time" can be viewed/listened to here:
Metheringham wind farm debate


  1. Good news Vattenfall have listened to the local communities and withdrawn the application in the face of colossal objections to an ill thought out scheme which would have severely compromised the pre eminence of Lincoln Cathedral instead of inefficient monster machines which do nothing to combat so called climate change

  2. According to the Royal Academy of Engineers Wind turbines are efficient converters of a free and renewable resource into electricity, perhaps you ought to read the links to the right of this page.

    Vattenfall have withdrawn because of the adverse conditions that our government have placed on onshore wind deployment.

    If you lived in one of the regions of the world experiencing the worst warming effects ( and there are many) you wouldn't dismiss it as "so called" climate change.


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