Friday, 19 April 2013

Louth Canal Farm Wind Energy Project

I had a wind assisted cycle ride to Tedder Hall yesterday morning to speak in support of the above three turbine 7.5MW wind farm. Louth Canal farm wind energy the vote went 11-0 for refusal.

I spoke of the purpose of onshore wind in the context of global warming and energy security, there was a  good number of supporters for the project at the meeting but all to no avail.
The usual reasons for anything but wind were given, citing effects on tourism, loss of view for one particular resident 680m from the site, the combined,cumulative effect of this proposal when considered with other proposals that have yet to be approved (not sure how that works..sort of  anticipation of cumulative effect?), the harm caused to the setting and significance of local churches and listed buildings. (English Heritage described this as less than significant).

Whether the developers will appeal we'll have to wait and see. Here's the conclusion of the planning inspector's decision letter on the approval of Gayton-le-Marsh wind farm just to give a little glimmer of objectivity.

"Because of the urgent need for more installed RE to meet the 2020 targets, the bar of acceptability must be set low enough for sufficient schemes to be permitted. Onshore wind energy schemes in particular utilise a reliable and mature technology, can be deployed economically and use a plentiful resource. Many other possible sources of RE are expensive, at an infant stage of development or cannot be implemented quickly. I doubt that, in the short term at least, alternative technologies for renewable electricity generation will mature to the level that would be necessary to make wind energy unattractive as part of the overall mix. It is therefore my overall conclusion that, under these circumstances, the additional harm to the local landscape which would arise from the appeal scheme would be within the bounds of acceptability, especially bearing in mind that after 25 years, the wind farm would be decommissioned and there would be no lasting landscape impact."

Our communities are sleep walking into a energy and climate crisis and though central government seem to be waking up (albeit slightly bleary eyed)  too many people are still sound asleep and dreaming of a future in which everything is how they like it rather than how it will likely be.

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