Monday, 29 April 2013

UKIP, do you know what they stand for?

I received my UKIP bundle through the letter box this morning and on the back of an A5 size poster were these words: "You know what UKIP stands for"
Well I know they are against the European parliament and they're against immigration and against political correctness (whatever that means) and against wind farms but I was not altogether sure what they stood for so being as this is a pro-wind blogsite, I thought I'd look up their energy policy.
It's written by Roger Helmer MEP and includes several gems of climate change denialism.   Their policy states “The slight warming in the last hundred years is entirely consistent with well established, long-term natural climate cycles — the Roman Optimum, the Dark Ages, the MediƦval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age. And now we seem to be moving into a new, natural 21st century optimum”. So I guess if you shared that blinkered view of the accelerating environmental crisis you'd probably want to ditch the Climate Change Act of 2008 as UKIP suggest. 
The policy also states that increasing CO2 emissions is ok, which is why it supports fracking for shale gas and open cast coal mines but doesn’t support wind farms and solar arrays. 
Please read the policy here to get a feel for "What UKIP stand for".

UKIP are feeding on the fears of the misinformed...if you get the opportunity to enlighten anyone considering a vote for UKIP I'd suggest you take it.

This week we could well see the earth's atmosphere register 400ppm of CO2 for the first time in several million years....UKIP state this will help to "green" the planet, 
UKIP : anti-science, anti-reality, anti-social.

"Scientists do not disagree about human-caused global warming. It is the ruling paradigm of climate science, in the same way that plate tectonics is the ruling paradigm of geology. We know that continents move. We know that the earth is warming and that human emissions of greenhouse gases are the primary cause. These are known facts about which virtually all publishing scientists agree." Dr James L Powell

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