Friday, 8 March 2013

Here is a link to a radio debate I took part in this morning trying to balance the anti-wind campaign for 5 wind turbines at Temple Hill near Grantham.

My discussion with Paul Miley of the ReVolt group is at 1.06
Follow up comments from Cllr Martin Hill and Roger Helmer are at 2.06
Rod Whiting Show 08/03/13

Pretty much as you'd expect apart from a passing reference in Paul Miley's comments about the Pro wind alliance getting support and money from the wind industry and a text from a member of the public saying that the Lincolnshire Pro wind alliance is funded by the wind industry.

I'd just to make it perfectly clear that this is not the case. To put it plainly, we are not being rewarded to express support for wind farms.

Our view that more wind farms need to be rapidly deployed to help address the challenges of global warming and UK energy security is personal and genuinely held.

Thanks for your support

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