Saturday, 23 March 2013

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I thought I'd keep a record of today's high winds that are helping to keep the lights on without burning the gas most people need to heat their's 0 degC outside!
 Plus record this comment from Biff
"Yesterday, at 7.04am, a pump on the Zeebrugge-Bacton interconnector
failed and we lost almost a quarter of our gas supply.  The news reports
concentrated on the instant price spike, from ~90 to 150 pence per
therm.  The electricity generation industry reacted accordingly.
If you look at the graphs carefully, particularly the second row - the
weekly figures, you'll see the reduced supply from gas yesterday, coal
going flat out and the shortfall made up, rather luckily, by a windy
day. Things would have been a lot worse yesterday and today without that
5GW of wind."

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  1. It is, perhaps, appropriate to revisit the speech that the late Baroness Thatcher gave in 1990 at the 2nd World Climate Conference in Geneva. Whatever we think of her legacy, there is no doubt she was amongst the first of the world's leaders to grasp the importance of global warming and to understand its causes.


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