Monday, 11 March 2013

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust oppose Delph Wind Farm

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust have objected to a wind farm being located adjacent to Willow Tree Fen and Pinchbeck Fen Slipe Nature reserves  LWT Delph wind farm and are encouraging LWT members to object too.
Understandable you might think as their primary concern will be the effects the wind farm might have on the species that inhabit the reserves.
But if you read on to the reasons for the objection you'll discover that 2 of the 3 reasons for objection relate to perceived disadvantages for our species.

The Trust's concerns are:

** Impacts of the turbines on wildlife, in particular birds, through direct collision with the turbine blades and displacement from the nature reserves due to disturbance from the turbines;

** Impacts on visitors to the nature reserves through noise and visual impact. Would the song of the skylark for example still be audible to visitors with wind turbines 200 metres away?

** Impacts on the fenland landscape character and open views.

The EIA undertaken by the developers indicates that there would be little impact to the environment from the development.

"A number of protected species use the site but collision risk impact assessments show that none of these species would be significantly effected by the proposed wind farm"
Wild Frontier Ecology

So we're back to the reluctance of our species to do very much about the serious impact of global warming in the future, if it means compromising our pleasures today.

I'm a member of the LWT and I appreciate all that they do for increasing bio-diversity and protecting habitats but that doesn't excuse this selfish objection which has very little to do with concern for wildlife on a nature reserve that 4 years ago was a field of beans.

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  1. Dear James
    Thank you for expressing your thoughts on the LWT concerns about the Delph wind farm and I appreciate you setting out the contrary argument and demonstrating that the contary argument is backed by a robust analysis of survey work undertaken as part of the EIA that accompanies the planning application.
    It would be helpful if you could write to South Holland District Council in support of the Delph wind farm and if your followers and supporters would also follow suit.

    Comments can be submitted on line via:

    or to:
    Mr P Jackson
    Head of Planning
    South Holland District Council
    Council Offices
    Priory Road
    PE11 2XE

    Thanks once again


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